Monday, November 06, 2006

Fate Hate

I really hate the character of Jared Stevens, the grim n' gritty avatar of Fate. It isn't the same sort of raging anger that anyone rational has for say, Gambit, no. The Book of Fate series was boring, stupid and chock full of ridiculous, expository word-balloons that served to substitute for good story telling. Jared was a "Gambit/Lobo/Punisher Lite". He was annoying, like the guest who shows up at your birthday uninvited and won't get the hint to leave.

So I was relieved when Jared was gacked in JSA #1 as his short appearance was a good bit of house cleaning on the part of DC. While a two-page death scene was much more than the character deserved, it should never be forgotten. Comic book suckiness can be fixed, if only someone cares enough to try.

So here for your enjoyment and pleasure is The Death of Jared Stevens, lest we forget.

From JSA #1 (August 1999)

Now if only someone had the stones to kill off Gambit once and for all.


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