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Idea Book (1965)

From the collection: Covers and center-spread from the Thermo- Serv Idea Book (1965).

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Countdown to New Year: Day 3

Two and a bit New Year's-themed stories from Big Shot #9 (January 1941).

New Year's resolution be durned! Mike the Mascot. Feature is uncredited.


Reprinted newspaper strip The Bungle Family by H. J. Tuthill. The Little Brother header strip is uncredited.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Countdown to New Year: Day 2

Eagerly waiting for 2013 to be done. The New Year of 2014 is an arbitrary change but like the phenomenon where a person walks through a door and forgets what they are doing maybe the simple change in the date will cause a psychological re-think in people.

Until the Obama election sent a clear message that the old ways of oppression were dying the bigots remained for the most part under their nasty dank rocks. When exposed outside of their little circle of like-minded creatures they scurried away and erased their tracks. 

Their bold and increasingly horrible behavior since 2009 is made most publicly evident in the hero worship of bigoted faux-hillbilly Duck Dynasty matriarch and the crocodile piety and exploitative hucksterism of George Zimmerman. For every Phil Robertson that manages to stick around there is a Justine Sacco and Christine Neese that has to flee, deleting every aspect of social media as they run and cower. George Zimmerman is the bloated poster boy of an America so racist they will rally around a figure that a relatively short time ago they would have ridiculed and ostracized as a representative of the very people they target for discrimination. George may be their public face of the moment but he is also considered "one of those" and will undoubtedly be discarded as soon as some other more attractive figure is thrust into the national spotlight by circumstance.

2014 has to be better, even as it appears 2013 was the nadir of recent years. This public parade of hate disguised by religion and freedom is the reflexive twitching of a loathsome and mortally wounded beast too stupid to know it is dead, limbs flailing long after the body is deceased.