Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nice segue

Comic book storytelling is a lost art.

Menace #4 (July 1954).


  1. A heard of cows?

    In the next panel, does Chico say to Groucho: "Yeah, I heard a cows. Have you heard a cows?"

  2. Wait, I had the barnyard pull and speak as I child and clearly it really needed the woman screaming to be complete.

  3. The woman screaming is the school marm. She is screaming because the author mispelled "herd."

  4. The cows are disturbing, I think mostly because of their Wrightson-ish coloring. They look infected M'nagalah.

  5. Keee kawwww?

    Would some please explain when this was ever "herd" in a barnyard?

  6. "look at that bunch of cows"

    "not 'bunch', 'herd'"

    "heard of what?"

    "heard of cows!"

    "of course, I've heard of cows."

    "no no no you idiot, a cow herd."

    "what do I care what a cow heard? I got no secrets from a cow"

  7. Isn't "moo" the sort of thing usually muttered under the breath, as it were? That cow looks more like she's screaming "HOLY CRAP, YOUR HANDS ARE COLD!"


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