Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kingdom Come climax?

I have not been following the forums, blogs and previews close enough to know what is going to happen to the Kingdom Come Superman when the Magog storyline concludes in JSA but when I read this page from the January 2009 (JSA #21) issue...

I thought of this scene from the May 1975 issue of Kamandi #29 being a possible finale to the story.


  1. This is an interesting theory. It does blend a lot of Kamadi myths along with this Kingdom Come Superman. It'd be interesting.

  2. I love your blog, been reading for a long while, but I don't read current comics.

    It depresses me to see a panel of superheroes talking about Scripture and God..I don't even know the context but why the hell is this even part of a comic book's story.. I have nothing against religion, I'm a liberal Catholic myself. But whenever i see it injected into comics, it always seems like some outside consideration, fraught with real-world implications, that I dislike immensely. It gets in the way, it's always troublesome, it makes superhero comics feel like a new area for partisanship and "culture wars' that are so tiresome. It's pushy, like aggressive "Christians" often are. I'd rather religion stayed the hell out of comics. Sorry for the op-ed.

  3. I'll take your "IF YOU HAVE A FEED, YOU MIGHT BE HERE!" invitation ;). I've had you linked for ages at my feed :D


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