Monday, May 31, 2010

Risking my expletive deleted

Noticed while watching the awesome Breaking Bad last night that even the most innocuous word used as a swear was censored for the closed captioning but the audio remained raw and unedited.

Kind of funny since the opposite usually occurs when shows or movies that are heavily dubbed for content for a broadcast somehow usually fail to go to the expense of going back and editing the captioning. There have even been instances where a entertainment or news show will be showing a clip in the background and the clips' captioning while override that of the main show. It was really only disconcerting once when a news story about porn accidentally being broadcast during a prime time network slot showed a steady stream of closed captioning describing in detail the otherwise heavily-pixelated scene playing on the overlay adjacent to the newscaster.

Yes, some pornographic films are closed captioned. Yes, that's freaking stupid as decaf coffee.


  1. Captioned porno? Swear to God, the music cue has better be "Boom Chicka Wah Wah."

  2. Captioning porn sounds like the ultimate in money-laundering careers. The producers hand off five figures to the typist and get four back under the table.


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