Thursday, August 05, 2010

Play Mysta For Me

A few people have stated they would like to see the Mysta of the Moon series run here like I did for Futura.

As much as I would like to also display that serial the recent giant seven-league step-backwards in photo hosting site Flickr has made that prospect one huge pain in the ass. I'll give it a try for publishing the first story Monday, but I'm pretty frustrated over all with the stupid, stupid changes to the Flickr service. Some of the WYSIWYG functionality has been removed. Flickr no longer offers uploading via the URL of the photo so formatting and placement of pictures has become a serious aesthetic issue for me. There are other issues but having to cut and past html and hope everything looks okay when posted and then go back and make tweaks and changes and write formatting is ridiculous.

I prefer the posts to have a layout similar to a newspaper or magazine (the classic look that most websites emulate), not a poor man's version of MySpace. Sadly, the trend for all applications seems to be leaning toward social networking. That's where the money is I guess.

The main problem with ditching Flickr is in finding a host that is not apt to fold and vanish, taking my photos with them.


  1. Those stories may be available for download from


    so you don't need to host them at all.


  2. Yeah, I figured they would all be out there somewhere.


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