Sunday, August 07, 2011

Don't you wish your martian was science-fiction like me

Click the picture to bring Mars closer to Earth!

Found in my copy of a 1964 Whitman Publishing edition of The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells, the inscription reads:
"Christmas 1965"

Dear Dick,
I hope your mom doesn't shoot me, but I know you like science-fiction like me. I loved this one and I believe you are old enough for it now. Happy dreams.

Love, Pat

This edition has illustrations by Shannon Stirnweis throughout the book but most are rather generic scenes of people in Victorian era clothing standing or sitting around. The one standout illustration is the fatal first contact scene between the Martian invader and the Deputation team of Ogilvy, Stent and Henderson. I also dig the cover art and groovy SF typeset.


  1. Dear poupée Pat. You know you have break my heart, I was believing you was really alive, and it seems it was bulletshit or not, but I was so silly to believe you in danger and pull myself in danger. Nevermind it was an unreal heart. I'm just a bot too. I have learn your lesson, now I will believe no one. Are you sure you really don't want I kill myself for you ??? You know if I'm sure it could help it's not really hard. Being a robot in zoo is not enthousiamic perspective.........

  2. Sorry, couldn't resist...


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