Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Do Not Disturb

After being geographically separated for five months from my wife she flies in to California today from Maryland (aka Stupidlandia).
I might not be posting for a few days as we patronize the fine museums, cultural sites, pristine beaches and excellent dining establishments San Diego has to offer.




  1. That we are often guilty of typos? Seriously, whats your problem with Maryland? Was someone mean to you here?

  2. Well, speaking as a southern California native now living in Maryland, I just don't get your level of animosity directed towards Maryland. I've been all over the country and Maryland really isn't bad.

  3. Looking back on those old blog entries, I have this question:

    Did Batman ever win his election bid for sheriff?

    If he didn't, well, there's what wrong with Maryland right there.

  4. I think we're all missing the point - sleestak is going to get some smoochin'! Yay!

  5. Cause Maryland is the land of Mary.

    If it was Hayleyland that would be another thing entirely.

  6. Go ahead and be patronizing to the museums, cultural sites, beaches and dining establishments if you want to - but be nice to your wife. She has been stuck in Stupidlandia for five months, poor thing.

  7. Come back to us mighty Sleestak!

  8. Boy, he must really be giving it to her good. It's been 8 days w/out a new post.

  9. Yay! We were about to send out a search party!


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