Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hey baby

I generally dislike the on-going Spider-Girl series from Marvel. Well to be accurate, not disliked exactly, more like didn't really care about the concept. Which is odd because the entire run is like reading a late-seventies Marvel series and as everyone knows 1970s Marvel was just about the best Marvel ever! I can't blame Defalco, Frenz, Buscema and the rest for my lack of interest. They are doing what many creative teams seem unable to do these days...regularly put out a title without undue delays while giving quality entertainment.

But then I became a bit more interested in the book because of one character I noticed in Spider-Girl #12 (Nov 2007)...


Darn it. Now I have to keep buying this series just to see what is going to happen with Little Ben.

Homicidal infants are always good for sales.



  1. I'd quibble about the "quality entertainment", unless you meant poor quality entertainment.

    I tried to like it, I really did. But by the fifth issue the cheap copies of other people's characters used to pad out a dull storyline got too much for me. Did they ever finish it, or is it still dragging on?

  2. I know that I'm in a minority, but I find Spider-Girl one of the view readable Marvel comics around.

    And pristine in its freedom from the Civil War nonsense...

  3. Homicidal infants may be good for sales, but they are not good for day-to-day living. This is the third mailman I have had to dig a grave in the backyard for this month! I'm running out of room. Maybe I can start putting them in the azealias...

    We are all glad you are back, Sleestak.


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