Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh, no they didn't

They did.

In 1995 Marvel published a Billy Ray Cyrus comic book.

Billy Ray Cyrus.

And he travels through time.

Now, when Marvel published a story of the rock band KISS visiting other dimensions and fighting in a war against Disco that made perfect sense and was a story that needed to be told.

Billy Ray Cyrus?


  1. He does have a little bit of a Doc Samson thing going, if only they'd bothered to give him a green mullet.

  2. You're breaking my heart. My achy, breaky heart.

  3. they should bring this comic back. but now they can have an older, wiser, less confident billy ray relfecting back on his younger years while drinking cheap whiskey in his run down studio apartment in queens.

    thats the type of comic i want to see.

  4. Yeah. i'm sure the father of Hannah Montana is penniless.

  5. He looks so shallow and stupid, he might be able to run for president!

  6. Do you think someone at Marvel was boinking Billy Ray's cousin? What else could explain this?


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