Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Here for your enjoyment is the little seen original opening sequence for the 1979 cinema release of what would be the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century television show. The title sequence is sexy and erotic even if the appropriately ethereal theme song doesn't quite mesh with the imagery as it seems more like an child's innocent lullaby than an ode to 500 years of continuous sex dreams.

Buck Rogers  opening sequence - Glasses

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Man, I hated that show.


  1. I find this introduction rather offensive, frankly.

    First thing is the song, it's like some sort of crappy B-side Styx would have done that they play at 2:45 on THE ARROW when I'm eating a burger and least expect to hear some sort of crap like that (I''''''mmmm saaiiiiliiiiing aaawaaaaaaayy....).

    And what are we supposed to know about these chicks of the future: they're lusty for some 20th century man-mean? I mean, what an ego trip. Hot chicks will play on my name, fondle me in my sleep, and await my tender caresses once i awake.


  2. He's also dreaming about the hot women he will meet in the future before he gets there. So the entire show was really a dream.

  3. When Pamela Hensley and Erin Grey showed up, I got a little excited. I was kinda hoping that Tim O'Connor was going to be dressed in skimpy spandex, kissing Buck, when they got to his name.

  4. Wima Deering was hot, even in the original black-and-white comic strip. Tweeky was an abomination, however.

  5. I remember this... it was actually a movie before a TV show.

    I also remember how strangely uncomfortable it made me as a young boy in the theater with my mom sitting next to me.

  6. Huh. I know I NEVER saw this intro. It doesn't go with the show at all... it looks like they were trying to create a sort-of "James Bond"-like intro.

    That song is horrendous.

    Why did Buck Rogers wake up in the "Disco Future?" Oh yeah, it was 1979!

    But boy... Erin Gray. Hubba hubba.

  7. I loved the hell out of that show when I was a kid, but I never have seen that intro before. Who's the disco space chick with the funky glasses?

    And I'm not sure what the deal with Glen Larson is, but it seems like he made a lot of crap. Yet everyone kept putting his shows on the air.

  8. I stopped watching the original BSG when the BSG pilots went to the Cowboy Planet and got into a space bar fight after some space owl hoot tore up some guy's hologram foil ten gallon hat.

    The nadir of TV SCI-FI, yet Joss Whedon did the same thing years later and has a rabid fan-base.

  9. "What kind of world will I find?" Indeed. Anime come to life.

  10. Can you imagine how, uh, hard (heh) it must have been for Ricky Schroeder to come to work every day on "Silver Spoons" (heh) and know what Erin looked like in silver hot pants (and hi-lights?) and not be able to invite her up to the racecar (heh) or to ride the train (heh)?

    Much œdipal frustration. Much.


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