Thursday, January 08, 2009

Spirographs are scary

I don't think the creators of the Spirograph would ever have thought that the designs rendered by a children's toy could ad a touch of menace to the macabre, take the level of psychosis up another notch for the disturbing or convey the odd, alien and unfathomable to science fiction.


  1. What was scary about the Spirograph was how the damn pen always slipped out of the hole, and I was never able to make a single design with that godawful creation.

  2. God I loved spirograph. Difficult for someone as clumsy as me but fun.

    And I wish that more people tried to make their film posters as awesome as this one. Sometimes I feel like people are just damn lazy when it comes to popular graphic design. Or else my design sense is years out of date in comparison to everyone else's (I hope it's not as I'm only 25!)


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