Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cap ruminates

Cap sure seems lost in thought.

"Hey, Cap! What do you think we should do about Norman? Cap?"
"I'll be in my bunk..."

New Avengers
#50 (April 2009).


  1. I often stand all bent over like that for about 3 panels of dialog when I watch TV.

  2. I think he isn't used to all the high class trim cause he only got thawed out on special occasions plus he's not used to how women dress nowadays. His robot arm is stupid, can't it be regrown or something?

  3. I was thinking the same thing, just read the issue a few hours ago. Remember that meme for Superman singing in FINAL CRISIS#7. You should start one for Cap's thought balloon. I would, but I suck at such things.

    Warning: I'm following you on Twitter as BobbyTheMitch, oddly you are right next to Mike Sterling.


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