Friday, February 20, 2009

It's the water that is filtered, not the air

While shopping the other day found a big old moth floating in a jug of filtered water.

No reason to get upset. Stuff happens. The moth could have gotten into the jug anywhere and anytime prior to the container being sealed, even as far back as the manufacturing, storing and shipping of the empty jug to the bottling plant. It isn't like this plant has leaking roofs covered with bird feces that drained down into the food processing area.

I hope.

I don't drink bottled water anyways if I can help it. The quality isn't any better than what comes out of my tap, and no insect ever made it through the filter on my faucet.


  1. I drive my dad nuts, he always thinks I have more bottled water. I fill the same one with tap water for the long bus rides. (I can't drive, I have cerebral palsy). I'll throw the bottle away after maybe a month. It amazes me how many people still buy bottled water, I'll even refill mine at a Borders.

  2. LOL, a severe recession is NOT the time for a beverage bottler to be shipping out res ipsa loquitur bait like that. I imagine you could easily sell that bottle on eBay for $50 to a person with a litigious soul and a shameless heart. In fact, in some neighborhoods I can picture shoppers getting into a brawl to decide who gets to buy it.

    Ooh, I can actually see Adam Sandler making a movie with exactly that premise.


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