Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rolling Back The Years

Before Rick Marshall met his terrible end by bouncing off the steep walls of the Grand Canyon he made a few detours through time and space courtesy of the same rip in the fabric of the universe our favorite World War 1 era puppy Schatzi fell through way back in Star Spangled War Stories #148.

Who loves a retcon? That's right, we all do! When a retcon is mashed-up with a cross-over then it is like Blogiversary in July!

Yep, I started this site on this date back in July 2005. Or was it 1992? You never know with a retcon!

Thanks to all those who linked, read, supported, critiqued, ignored, picked-apart and gave advice over the years.

Special thanks to Marionette, Bully and his pal John, Dr. Zauis and Comics Should Be Good.

If I left anyone out it is because I suck but rest assured I appreciate all you did, even that one mean guy I won't mention, because whatever little I do is better because of it.


  1. Happy blogiversary, Sleestak! You have an awesome blog. :o)

  2. I think that somehow tied one of the episodes of LOTL's long-lost Season 4. The one where the Horshack actor replaced Uncle Jack. The World War I flying ace episode was sandwiched between the one where the Harlem Globetrotters fell through a time doorway, and the one where Cha-ka had fleas.

  3. Whoa, my comment never posted! I think I said HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY AND MANY MORE.

    Also, I included a check for fifty bucks. Hope it shows up!


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