Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back To School

I was pretty impressed with the speech President Obama made to all the kids on Earth yesterday. Being a cynical type I expect the "work hard, take responsibility and don't expect things to be handed to you" message won't go over too well with some folks.

Once the speech was done I flipped over Fox News to see what crazy wingnut conspiracy theory they could attach to the speech. It was a pleasant surprise to discover they were initially hard-pressed to find anything negative about the President's message. From the tight smiles and strained voices I could tell it was killing them or at least causing career-panic among the broadcasters that couldn't think of anything bad to say. I speculate fear was rampant as each newsie was terrified of being the first one giving a thumbs up to President Obama for worry they would lose their job. One pundit did manage to sneak in that she was disappointed that the President didn't find the time to address traditional family values. Except, of course, urging children to study, work hard, finish school and try to make something of themselves is about as family values as you can get.

As usual, Fox News got up to their usual tricks when it came to the informational banner at the bottom of the screen...


  1. I'm glad you're watching Fox News so I don't have to. That's hilarious.

    Not as hilarious as the photo though. :D

    A belated Happy Birthday, by the way! Sorry I wasn't online the other day to wish it to you on time.

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday, Sleezak. :-)

    And, YES, between you and Jon Stewart, I can safely continue my cable viewing WITHOUT spending any time at Fox News. Much appreciated. ;-)

  3. Ha! That's hilarious! :o)

    Happy birthday, Sleestak!


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