Sunday, November 01, 2009

She is dead to me

Along with The Proposal and Drag Me To Hell the spouse picked up the Land of the Lost DVD which, as expected, was released with no fanfare and less advertising in under four months after the theatrical release. Additionally, the DVD showed up on store shelves on a Saturday and not the usual Tuesday that most retail outlets schedule for their weekly movie release dates.

When I asked the wife why she spent money on the disappointing Will Ferrell feature she shrugged and said she knew I liked Land of the Lost. It is like the last 20 years of marriage never existed.

Since the wife is deaf she typically enjoys visual humor and the awkward slapstick that Ferrell and company attempted kept her interested until the end of the film. The DVD also satisfies my completist urges for anything associated with Land of the Lost, but just barely. I doubt I will ever watch it again unless it is to compare it to some future and far superior treatment to the 2009 version, much like people who watch both the original The Day the Earth Stood Still and the stultifying Keanu Reeves release in one sitting. Really, though, I would have been less annoyed if she had purchased two copies of The Proposal.


  1. I might have been interested in the DVD if they had the Wesley and Kathy outtakes somewhere in it, but I heard there weren't any at all.

  2. I think they scrapped anything that would cost extra time or money when producing the DVD. Cutting losses, maybe.

  3. I haven't seen the remake yet. I'm gonna wait until I can record it on my DVR so that I can fast forward.

  4. I would happily purchase the Land Of The Lost DVD if for every dollar I spent on it in exchange I could spend a full minute kicking Will Ferrell in the genitals.

  5. Ooh, that way they can make the special editon DVD when the sequel comes out.

  6. Just fast forward to the end credits, as they are the best part of the film.

  7. I've run into a couple of people who love this movie, including one who watches the DVD repeatedly.

    I'm starting to use that as a judge of character.

    I might get it when it hits the $5 bin at Walmart. It's headed there fast. Already the DVD has flopped, and appears in newspaper circular lists marked down to $9 or so, alongside other DVDs from one year earlier.

    Slee, you are right. The end credits ARE pretty good.

  8. Jon said: "Ooh, that way they can make the special editon DVD when the sequel comes out."

    Yeah, "Will Ferrell's LOTL 2", which will come out around the same time as "Ishtar 2", "Waterworld 2: Electric Surfboard Boogaloo", and the "Howard the Duck" sequel.


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