Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The only thing left to appear on is candybar wrappers

With the pretty actress being featured on the March 2010 issue of the high-brow Architectural Digest, I think we are rapidly approaching some sort of Jennifer Aniston Singularity.

Honestly, Jennifer Aniston's image appears on more things than Jesus at this point. But what the heck, she's nicer to look at.

While her home is very nice the rumpus room/slash firing range wallpapered with mutilated photos of Brad and Angelina is kind of creepy and I think AD readers would have been better served skipping that part of the photo tour.


  1. Architectural Digest must be trying to beef up its readership. It NEVER used to do "celebrity covers."

  2. Demi Moore was a ways back, but it wasn't such a close up.

  3. Guess they need to do what they need to do to survive. And hey there! You have been given an award:
    Once again to the podium... Congrats!

  4. She could appear on toilet paper wrappers........ All her movies are sh*t!

  5. Really? Apparently you have never seen Leprechaun!

    Then again, she's famous for being dumped and not for her acting.

  6. Brad Pitt was on the cover just a few months ago for some houses he was connected with in New Orleans.

  7. Well, NO is a bit relevant because of the rebuilds.


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