Sunday, September 26, 2010

Note to writers and artists

I don't know the provenance but this memo was supposedly sent out to the creative staff of the nascent DC Comics by editor Sheldon Mayer as a list of what is and is not permitted concerning content in comic books. It is undated but would have been issued sometime from the late 1930s to late 1940s.


  1. Oh, how far have comics come. Whether it's in the positive or negative, I can't really say. Thanks for posting this interesting piece of history!

    Though I wonder what's so nerve-wracking about characters saying 'what the--"...

  2. "What the--" may have been thought of as a given to ending it with a curse. Anyone reading ti would know how the statement ended. Kind of like you don't text OMFG or WTF to a kid nowadays.

  3. "We must not roast anyone alive." A funny injunction until you remember that there are plenty of industries that don't actually live up to that pledge.


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