Sunday, October 03, 2010

Line 7

Saturday I risked life and limb to photograph this sign of mall rules at the Fashion Valley mall in San Diego. Line #7 prohibits photography without prior written authorization from the mall management. Well, since this is still America I made sure to photograph each similar sign I came across as I wandered around all day shopping spending money.

By the way I did get permission to photograph what ever I felt like pointing a camera at but it was not from mall management. I went over their heads. The document I used was from James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, both of whom had the foresight to get the paperwork started on giving me permission to take photos in public way back in 1791.

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  1. While I agree with you and respect your opinion on the subject, I must point out that the "mall" is private property and NOT a public area.

    They can, for example, remove you for practicing your rights of free speech. They can prevent you from holding your public assembly on their grounds.

    They can, under the guise of respect for others on their property, restrict photography.

    The question is how far are either one of your going to go to promote your rights?


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