Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No more SJA

It appears official. The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures will cease production due to the death of lead actress Elisabeth Sladen.

There are no current plans for the character to regenerate or replace Sarah Jane with a long-lost relation to carry on in the role her passing created.

There is no word yet on how the SJA series itself will end but six episodes have already been filmed and are in post-production. If the show ends with other than a farewell to Ms. Sladen then I speculate the final episode will have something to do with the TARDIS and Sarah Jane departing off-screen for an adventure. And if the Doctor is going to make an appearance for the sake of closure I'd really prefer it to be Tenant over Smith.


  1. Honestly, though...who thought any other outcome was ever possible even for a moment? Without hyperbole, I was genuinely shocked the first time I saw this announcement reported as news, because it never occurred to me that anyone could have considered continuing the series in any form an option. I still don't get it.

  2. Well money talks and especially in popular media. If there was any real belief that continuing SJA for even another 6 episodes after Sladen's final one would generate respectable income I have no doubt that it would be done. Ignoring the possibility of DVD, syndication and streaming sales and keeping the option for a franchise to continue would be disastrous for the property. It is a business.

    That they are not now attempting to squeeze another quid out of the show is a testament to either the realities of expected returns or the class of the producers.


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