Sunday, May 08, 2011

This is vewy, vewy distuwbing

If you have not watched any episodes of the new animated Looney Tunes show then you are missing scenes like this.

-Elmer Fudd Grilled Cheese Sandwich song-

Another example of a cartoon not really made for the kiddies.

A lazy, slightly creeped-out Sunday post.


  1. I've watched this a bunch of times because it always airs on CN but I thought bringing Merrie Melodies into a new generation was pretty cool and the song was pretty f'n funny.

  2. I've watched this a bunch of times on CN. Bringing Merrie Melodies into the new generation was cool and this song was pretty f'n funny!

  3. I agree it's funny but it is still strange and a little unsettling. Good thing it didn't get the full Texas cattlemen's Oprah treatment for throwing out the steak.


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