Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday with Hayley Mills: Q and A

Came across this research website with an unanswered query about film star Hayley Mills and knew that it was up to me to provide peace to her fans.

No other answer possible.

FYI, this entry of Monday With Hayley Mills also marks the 6th blogiversary of Lady, That's My Skull.


  1. Six years?! I need to lie down and process that. Congratulations, but...where did six years go? I feel like one of those people in that film where they wake up after decades of catatonia and they...OMFG I can't remember the name of that movie! I'm having an honest-to-god senior moment.... Blogs are not supposed to make you acknowledge your own mortality.

    You fix this! You fix this right now! It's only been six months. Yeah. Lots of time left. Happy sixmonthaversary.


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