Sunday, September 11, 2011

Deluxe Model Shown

I don't understand why all PC repair kits don't already have a partially straightened paper clip included. So dang useful.


  1. I remember when Apple introduced the major design flaw in its first Macintoshes, which required you to either dig for an unintuitive GUI command to eject a disk, or just jam a bent paperclip in a hole.

    The college computer labs with the first Macs had piles of bent paperclips nearby.

    PCs never followed this idea, along with other bad Apple ideas. Until recently. I have a Dell which lacks an eject button on the DVD drive, which makes it a real hassle to eject.

    I mean, come on. Is an eject button really that expensive to include?

  2. A few years ago when a low-end generic made CD drive was no longer supported by the software it was almost completely disabled. It would still run if loaded but that was all. All versions A through G except for E were supported by the computer. The drive would no longer open or close via the command after an update that excluded that particular model. Had to use a paperclip until I dumped it and upgraded.

  3. I've used a butter-knife on my Dell DVD drive, which is missing the eject button. The COMPAQ I also have is newer, but doesn't lack this feature (I mean, the newer COMPAS has an eject button).

    It's a very bad idea from Apple that the PC world has taken more than 25 years to start to copy.


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