Saturday, September 24, 2011

What About Jack? (2011)

Give his estate a truckload of cash already


  1. Well, what about JOE SIMON? He's still alive for godssake. What do you think HE'll get out of "Captain America" and "The Avengers"? Nothing.

  2. Oh, I am so going to take flack for this...I know what Kirby did for the industry, I also know what comics he drew and what they meant to kids like me growing up in the sixties, and the Flying Pasta Monster
    certainly knows that I respect him as a man and a pillar of the Dc/Marvel universe, but he really suuuuuuuucked as an artist! I mean REALLY sucked as an artist! He couldn't even draw feet for crying out loud!!! I remember reading Kamandi and the News Boy Legion (groan) and numerous other comics and feeling cheated because he was doing the art. At one time his was a decent talent, early on when all was either over the top or very reserved and basic...there didn't seem to be much in the middle. In this day and age realism and REAL artists, with much more talent, have become the standard. I do very much appreciate what he has done but as an artist, I just cannot embrace him like I do B. Wrightson or some of the others in that vein. Go ahead, throw darts...I can duck like a mofo.

  3. I enjoy his art but his creativity and visual story telling is what attracts me the most.

  4. Michael, it sounds like you only saw the art that was ruined by Mike Royer and D. Bruce Berry. Check out the classic Fantastic Fours from around 46-80 inked by Sinnott, the Captain America's inked by Syd Shores, or Thor inked by Colletta around ish 140-160.

    Also, when I was young I felt the same way. I thought everybody should draw like Neal Adams or Hal Foster. I disliked Kirby, Toth and Kurtzman. Then I realized - comics aren't life drawing. They are supposed to be stylized for maximum impact and mood. Different characters need different styles. Kirby drew a bad Superman. Curt Swan would draw a bad Thor.

    That said, if you want to appreciate Kirby DON'T read anything he wrote dialogue for including the Fourth World stuff. That sucked.

  5. Great points Odkin and Sleestak, I agree with both of you. I was a little harsh in my opinion of Kirby.
    He certainly was a major influence, no denying that. I collected mostly DC with a little F-Four from Marvel.
    Never caring for Spiderman, way too Stan Lee for me!
    On the sly I would nab a Creepy or Eerie, and then I saw Frazetta!
    I loved Ditko and Toth but Frank was in a class all by himself.
    Does anyone here remember the F-Four mini series where The Hulk and the Thing exchanged bodies?!
    Way too cool for me back then.
    I'm rambling...keep up the great work Sleestak, I'd like to keep coming back!


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