Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday with Hayey Mills: Movie Marathon Edition

Found some links on ehow featuring Hayley Mills!

First off is the instructional How to Have a Hayley Mills Movie Marathon submitted by Angela DeFini. A good, family-friendly list but I'd add Tiger Bay to it. Never hurts to teach kids (and adults) about honesty considering the shenanigans Hayley gets up to in a few of the other films.

Don't forget that any movie marathon starring Hayley Mills is not complete without watching her first screen appearance in the classic film So Well Remembered.

Next up is some Hayley Mills Cosplay from submitter Robin Raven. Don't judge. Hayley is the answer.

Some classic LTMS inspired by Hayley Mills: Parent Trap Noir. Only a month or so back is a mashed-up movie poster.

Finally, Twitter account @HayleyMills has plenty of fan photos attached to the entries you won't find anywhere else. Wish it really was Hayley's twitter feed but it is actually a fan account for the Hayley Mills Army, which is pretty awesome and by last count, millions strong.

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