Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Practical Fashion

The over-sized scarf prevents leering at the chest, the low-hanging bag prevents ogling of the backside.


What came first, the need by women to protect and conceal or esthetics? Was the end-result of the impractical scarf worn in even the warmest weather conditions and the bag a happy accident or intentional? Some combination of all, perhaps.

Women: 1 / Perverts: 0


  1. You forgot about the sweatshirt tied around the waist while jogging...

  2. Oh yeah. All the little when you take a photo with a girl and she's sticking her tongue out at the camera that is Girl Code for "Not involved and not going to be."

    And if you are involved and she does that it means you soon won't be.

  3. I'm not sure why looking at either the chest or the rear of a person is considered perverted. Maybe I don't understand the definition....

  4. Surely you know the difference between leering and a casual glance?


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