Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Hayley Mills!

Today is April 18th and that means it is the birthday of none other than the star of stage, screens both big and small...Hayley Mills!

Hayley may mark this occasion only once a year but here at Lady, That's My Skull EVERY day is Hayley Mills Day!

I post the link to Hayley's first screen appearance a lot but that is so fans new to Hayley or the site can find it. Every time I post it a number of folks discover it anew. Even some die-hard Hayley fans have let me know they were surprised it existed as they usually go by her official biography when following her career.

So again here is Hayley Mills as an infant in an uncredited role in the 1947 film So Well Remembered.

Sit a spell and browse through everything Hayley Mills on Lady, That's My Skull! Don't miss the virtual tour of the sprawling San Diego-based Hayley Mills Celebratory Complex, America's #1 rated Hayley Mills-centric theme park!

Fresh off of the Australian television series Wild At Heart Hayley Mills is starring in the play Ladies In Lavender. The play is getting nice press and her fans are gushing over her performance and those of her colleagues. Here is a synopsis.

And here is Hayley in The Truth About Spring delivering one of my favorite movie quotes ever.

Happy Birthday, Miss Mills!

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