Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to Hayley Mills!

Number One Biggest Hayley Mills fan here with some Hayley Facts!

  • Today in 1946 Hayley Mills was born! Acknowledge!
  • Her birth was heralded by a triple rainbow in the sky and the emergence of two new stars!
  •  Team Hayley Mills created and sent an awesome birthday card to Hayley and not to brag but my personal message is the bestest one! It's in the upper right corner!
"Lot's of people are thinking of you on your birthday; I just wanted to let you know I'm one of them. Thanks for all the wonderful moments and hope you gift us with many more. Happy Birthday Hayley! From Your Biggest Fan, Sleestak ."

  • The Hayley Mills Celebratory Complex is open 25/8 for tours and visitations (the extra hour is in there because of Hayley awesomeness, she is that magical)! Take the Virtual Tour and see!

Super Surprise! The next Monday with Hayley Mills will feature a rare, hardly ever seen photo of Hayley!  Stay tuned!

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