Thursday, June 27, 2013

New, Improved Star Trek Into Darkness

Energize the hyperlink for a description of the new and improved Uhura vs Klingon scene from Star Trek Into Darkness.


  1. That's a great revision, and love how it makes Uhura an even stronger character -- she *succeeds* at the negotiation!

    I love the idea of an alternate time line for Star Trek, but I, too, felt they missed a bet, and by the end of seeing the film, had my own revision that could have made the film (which I enjoyed overall) even more fun: Cumberbatch should have been a member of the Botany Bay sleepers other than Khan. The time line changed at the same time as Kirk's birth, so unless there's something we don't know yet, Khan is still Ricardo Montalbán, so to speak. We've then got a variant version of Space Seed, that explores the impact of a different Eugenics War superman. I'm sure they could have at some point panned past one of those cryro-tanks and put the face of Khan (a capture from the 60's episode?) just visible inside the tank, or even had him discovered inside the one that 'grabbed' McCoy...

  2. Good one!
    Yeah I liked idea Uhura saved the day and Khan ruined it.

  3. Here's how to make the movie both better AND shorter.
    KIRK: "He used this accordion-sized transwarp device to transport to Qo'noS."
    MARCUS: "Then let's get 500 more accordions and transport a battallion there to wipe him out."


    KHAN: "What?"



    -30 minutes later-

    KLINGON: "Do you smell smoke?"


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