Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Possible Site Move

Today I received one of those emails warning me that this blog is designated as an adult site and I may have it shuttered by the end of the month. A three day notice. If it happens I will appeal on obvious grounds. But the last time blog was locked (I suspect it was from one of those kindly, WWJD Godly Christian trolls I was dealing with at the time who made a spurious revenge complaint) I lost about 20-30 posts when it came back.

Absurdly there is almost no direct way to correct Blogger that a mainly comic book and Hayley Mills-centric website is hardly full of adult themes. Apparently many, many people have received the same warning. Some users that received the emails are whiners about to lose their years of pornography and associated advertisements, some have what Blogger terms as "adult" that are actually mature only in that they are about such topics as breast cancer, other diseases and aspects of human and civil rights such as LGBT, DOMA and some various politics. Someone needs to parse the difference between "Adult" and "ADULT".

The "improvements" over the last couple years to Blogger has incrementally pushed me away from the service. The GUI has gradually become more of a pain to use, where it was once a few clicks. Now, everything is multiple drop downs, saving, opening again to access a menu that doesn't show until after saved and other annoyances. The big irritant for me was the limitations to formatting and pictures. Loyalty, for the most part, along with some inertia has kept me here. If indeed this site is shuttered then I will probably make the full leap to WordPress and also Tumblr, which is where about 80% of my posts have been going anyways. I have about 20 posts in the queue waiting to go so at least I'll stick around here until those are live. They'll export to WordPress at any rate so if you change feed overe there you won't miss anything.

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  1. I got that email as well but my interpretation was that no more adult ads would be permitted. I don't have any adult ads on my only designated adult blog so I'm not worried.

  2. Sure. But Blogger (indeed all big services) has shown itself to be less than accurate and discerning in the past. For all I know my saying "I will never post Hayley Mills nude so stop asking" is what triggered the adult content warning.

  3. Why is it that, wherever Christian lurk, they leave a slimey, stinking trail????

  4. What's wrong with people who can't deal with anything ''ADULT''? Has religion stunted their minds that much?


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