Saturday, March 18, 2006

For Queen and Country, James?

Megalomaniac-smashing is a stressful job so I guess one can't be too surprised when Ian Fleming's super-spy James Bond takes a break from saving the world to relieve some tension. I'm not at all shocked that DC would be so graphic in depicting the private moments of Mr. Bond because the Silver Age DC was all about smuggling things in under the radar of the Comics Code Authority.

From DC's adaptation of the 1962 film Dr. No published in Showcase #43 (April 1963).
Tsk. Where's Miss Moneypenny now? She missed her chance to consummate her decades-delayed lust with Double-Oh!-7. If Moneypenny doesn't strike while the iron is hot James will just hook up with some dangerous, sexy, Russian spy who keeps a gun under her pillow. Of course as everyone knows, Dangerous Sexy Russian Spy With A Gun Under Her Pillow sex is the best kind of sex. It's much better than Cold War Bureaucrat Receptionist sex.

I can imagine the horrifying slash fiction that this panel will inevitably inspire:
"Alright, Goldfinger. You expect me to talk?"
"No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to masturbate."


  1. What do you think, shaken? or stirred?

  2. For more fun with James Bond, go to Mushtown Media Corp. at

    If I can get a copy of the DC comic of Goldfinger, I'll review that too. For now, there are reviews and commentary on the first two Bond novels, the Casino Royale TV show, the Casino Royale movie of 1967, (I really like revieweing Casino Royale for some reason. Can't wait for the new one!) and assorted other Bond films. (The review of Die Another Day was great fun!)

  3. I'm so disturbed by the various implications of that image (especially the length -- my God, the length! -- that I've decided to just pretend that our trusty secret agent has somehow found himself in the J-horror flick, "The Grudge." Look out, 007!


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