Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Headed for PMITA jail?

Every time I drive in the vicinity of Forest Drive & Spa Road in Annapolis while I have the radio set to 88.1 NPR, the Howard Stern Show breaks in over the station. The intrusion lasts only a few minutes until I manage to get through the stop lights and pass through the area, then the radio reception return to normal.

I have these questions:

  • Since the network that carries that Stern show is accessible only through a paid-subscriber broadcast am I illegally "downloading" and receiving copyrighted content?
  • Will the MPAA and RIAA come after me for listening to Stern without paying for it?
I'm freaking out.

I'm too pretty for prison.

Those convicts will be on me like a psychic on a rich widow.


  1. Evidently, someone there is using an FM modulator to listen to a satellite radio.

    I had the same experience once, but that was coming from another car at an intersection here in Cambridge, MA.

    Is the same car always parked next to the road? Or is there maybe some little guard station off the road, where a guard might be using a satellite radio through an FM adapter?

    Also, if you have anyone to fear, it's probably Beetlejuice the dwarf. Once last summer, I was driving up to the George Washington Bridge tolls on 95, and I happened to look to my right. What did I see, but the Beetlejuicemobile, with apparently the man himself in the passenger seat.

  2. I can save you. Set your radio to 103.1 WRNR instead. Weak signal, but a strong station with slightly less smug on air personalities than the NPR ones. Still politicly correct, but with much better (and much more) music.

  3. I listen to 103.1 when Diane is on. Her quavering, aged voice gives me road rage.


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