Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Are YOU an American?

The ad copy subtly insinuates that not displaying an American flag at your home could lead to terrible retribution.

From Sub-Mariner #1 (Spring 1941).



  1. I remember those phone calls from the Policemans Beneficient Brotherhood or whatever demanding that you give them money. If you give them money, you get a sticker for your door... and the caller implies that the cops won't help you unless you have the sticker.

  2. There are times when I'm quite glad I'm not an American.

  3. And Obama refuses to wear an AMERICAN flag button on his lapel! SHAME! SHAME! He who refuses to prove that he loves the flag is not a real AMERICAN.

    I make love to my flag at least twice a day. And I do it in public!

  4. From Sub-Mariner #1

    Sure, he ripping open Nazi submarines like sardine cans at this point in his caree.

    Later, of course, the Sub-Mariner attacked America and ground the Stars 'n' Stripes under his bare bewinged heel. So who's laughing now?


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