Saturday, October 13, 2007

If you think the flag is huge, check out the pole

You can tell by the size of my flag pin that I am a true American, for Americans, who knows what Americans want.

Americans want someone who doesn't just pledge allegiance to the flag with shallow lip-service like some people. No, as any true American knows, all true Americans are justified in suspecting, tasering, not voting for and incarcerating anyone who doesn't wear a pin verifying exactly where their loyalties lie.

I have my pin, where is yours?

Vote Sleestak for President!

His flag is bigger than anyone else's!



  1. I don't get this whole flag-worship Americans go in for. And as for making it illegal to damage a flag as though it was a sacred object, how far does this extend? I mean like if you have a cake that has a flag iced on to it, is everyone who eats it guilty of desecration? What if you have a shirt with a flag on it and you fall in the mud? This is all very confusing to people who are not American.

  2. Man, that flag is so big I thought I was at a Denny's. Would you make me a Moons over My Hammy, please?

  3. Mari, it used to be. It will be again as the psychos become more insane and desperate as they flail against the growing crush of rationalization and reality.

    Bully: With or without Egg-Beaters?

  4. Nice flag, but it's a little small, don't you think?

    Here's mine.

  5. You have my vote sir. To me, nothing says patriot like a big fat flag pin.

    Unless it's missile, but even then it better be marked with some representation of the great nation of America, and be engineered to to explode into stars and stripes upon impact.

    There will be no pansy, orange-exploding missiles for me. No sir.


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