Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Joe Kubert goes trick-or-treating!

Other than the cover with all the neighborhood kids checking out Connie Rod's breasts, there isn't much about Halloween in this month's PS Magazine featuring the gritty war-torn art of Joe Kubert (and school).

Things to look for in this issue:

Living, speaking death machines eager to be on the attack!

M-16's don't work right when paper is used to fix them!

Proper uses of the field shovel and torque wrench!

What end of the ear-plug to insert during various noisy jobs!

Camouflage vest replacement!

Order the correct lubricant!

Braking and roll-over prevention!

PS Magazine is not just for mechanics!

Celebrity renderings of George Foreman and his famous grill, Jan Ernst Matzeliger and Garrett Morgan!

Get it here free in pdf format and let the government record your patriotic IP address!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the PS link! I've seen it before, but I never knew it was available as a free pdf. Cool!


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