Monday, November 05, 2007

Conserve water!

One of the greatest challenges the people of California must overcome is our dependence on water. Waste abounds and it is up to us as citizens to conserve water wherever we can.

But what can one average environmentally-concerned citizen do about water waste? Not much, actually. Starbucks leaves their taps running constantly in their sinks and at the filtered water spout so just about anything that the populace of California could do to conserve water is a pointless exercise in ego. Wealthy people in their enclaves are not required to conserve and do not face the same fines and penalties that the average person will suffer if they wash their car or take a bath.
As one can see from the handy graph, the majority of water use in California is from the use of huge amounts of running water used in torture by the Government. Namely, the practice of waterboarding of prisoners and persons-of-interest. Alarmingly, much of California's many huge reservoirs and inland seas full of pure water are being diverted to other states for use in criminal investigations. This would not be such an environmental disaster for California if the waterboarding in question remained within the borders of the state. This is not the case, however. Since most of the water used during torture is drained into the municipal systems of other states it is not recycled back into the environment through the original aquifers and reservoirs from which it was taken. The wholesale exporting of California's precious blue gold in such quantities has unimaginable repercussions for the California environment that we can only speculate about.

This NASA satellite image reveals just how much the once pristine Lake Shriver in the Silicon Valley region of California is being affected by rampant waterboarding in just one year. Millions of gallons per day are being diverted to Arizona Traffic Courts, Wisconsin Mayoral offices, various State Capital buildings, secret prisons and the warehouse were the fake moon landing was filmed. If the exporting of water for use during torture continues unabated then in as little as a year Lake Shriver will be a barren desert devoid of life.

It is a fact that the lack of available water in Southern California was the main reason that the recent 2007 San Diego fires burned out of control for so long.
So demand that your politicians stop the use of exporting our important resources for the waterboarding of non-persons and people that don't speak good English. It is what is good for California. And America. And you.


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