Sunday, November 18, 2007

Know your own mind!

More bad, dated advice from romance comic books written by old men with Mommy issues.

The illustration for #1 seems kind of odd, showing what I take to be the Mom walking off with two men.

From Love Problems and Advice, Illustrated #2 (August 1949).

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  1. Wow...these illustrations are like the ones Freudian psychoanalysts use in Thematic Apperception tests, where they show you pictures depicting some ambiguous scene and have you make up a story about them, so the analyst can figure out what unconscious impulses you're projecting. It'd be interesting to know if the illustrations or the text came first on these...

    My guess would be that the first one was meant to show a contrast between a happily married couple in the foreground against the "easy" flirt going off for a threesome as she disappears facelessly into the background. Oh, she may enjoy the wildest and most fulfilling kinky sex of her life...but she'll never have a face.

    Apparently the message of the illustration at the top right is that bossy, outspoken blondes have huge knockers. Does the author really expect us to believe she's unpopular? I've dated her and I can promise she is not.

    I would have said items 2 and 5 are perfectly admirable sentiments and well worth taking to heart...but items 3 and 4 are just sick, sad, and wrong.


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