Friday, May 23, 2008

Totally uninformed opinion

McCain is surely self-destructing a bit but the media seems to ignore it as usual. I'm cynical enough to think that it sure feels like the fix is in for him to be our next President.

I don't know if Barack or Hillary will be the better choice, but I sure know I don't want another Republican in the White House. I heard McCain giving a speech on the radio while I was driving in to work the other day and I actually thought it was Bush for a while. The manner of speech, tone, topics and cadence sounded exactly like an old speech from George. I've had enough of that. Plus, he's 72 years old and McCain himself said long ago he would be too old to run in 2008. Think about Reagan's mental state during the latter part of his Presidency, who around him was actually running the country back then and take note that the same people are in the halls of power today.

Clinton really needs to suck it up and throw her support behind Obama and beg to be Co-President as soon as feasible and in a way that she does not appear to be weak or a quitter.

You know, I am getting tired of never voting someone in but always voting someone out.


  1. Certainly,the last eight years have made it appear that it ought to be easier to get rid of the incumbent -- not just this one, but any one. Never thought I'd look favorably at the Italian electoral system....

  2. This is awesome! As an Obama supporter, Michelle is both an elitist AND a sexist. (At least according to Hillary!)

  3. "You know, I am getting tired of never voting someone in but always voting someone out."

    I've been tired of that too until this time around. Obama is the first candidate in a long, long time who's actually excited me with the thought of having him in the White House.


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