Monday, May 19, 2008

Wife of the Party!

No election is complete without a few things to interest the voters other than the important issues of the economy, terror and immigration! Namely, plenty of sex, sleazy campaign managers, a brain-dead populace, torrid affairs, and factoring in public opinion when choosing a spouse!

From Our Love Story #28 (June 1974).


  1. Ha! I love it! And what a great romantic montage panel. Things might have been a lot easier for her if she could just inherit a beer empire from her rich father.

  2. What I was hoping for in the last few panels...

    Sandy Grabowski is unaware that Joe is actually proposing to Sandy Societygirl. When the two Sandys each rush up on stage screaming, "YES! YES!"...

    Now wouldn't that have been more fun? :)

  3. I saw this

    and I thought of you.

  4. Dr. Monkerstein, that is a great picture!


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