Wednesday, October 08, 2008


When one thinks of the power fantasy element of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror it usually means a woman is bound and gagged and suffering the attentions of some sadistic villain.

Yet on rare occasions it is the men who get their dials turned up to eleven!

Enjoy the scene while you can, girls! It doesn't happen often.


  1. Don't forget the classic photo of Dr. Morbius tweaking Robby's tin nipple!

  2. "Gad! Aero-monkey is zooming away towards the whit house! I must fly! Karen!"

    "Yes Rocket man, my love?"

    "You see those knobs on my chest?"

    "Er... yes?"

    "Tweak the one to your left"

    "But why, Rocket man? Shouldn't you get after Aero-monkey as quickly as--"

    "DAMN IT WOMAN! Do it now! Time is of the essence!"

    "Oh... alright..."

    *tweak tweak*

    *tweak tweak*

    *tweak tweak*

    "Is that enough, Rocket man?"

    "Ooooooooooh yeah....."


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