Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lilith: The Starter Wife

The legend of Lilith is an old one going way back in one form or another for several thousands of years. While the origin and version of the story of Lilith is open to interpretation in Marvel Comics continuity she was the very first vampire, cursed to be immortal and drink the blood and life of her victims.

This Lilith is not the same one who would later be known as the daughter of Marvel's Dracula character. The Lilith as described in Vampire Tales #4 (April 1974) would make another appearance in Marvel Graphic Novel #20 (1985) as the demon who guided and influenced Martin Greenberg, the novelist vampire.

Read more about Lilith here.

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  1. "Religion" tag? That story's older than Judaism, like most of the content of the Old Testament. And it didn't even make the canon.

    Check out "Some New Kind of Slaughter" to see how some other really old-school tales are alive and well in contemporary comics. Remember, mythology only belongs to religion if atheists abandon their rightful stake in it. Do you really want those guys in sole custody of the only thing that outlasts history itself?


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