Monday, February 23, 2009

Fatty's Got The Sleeping Sickness in 3D!

Break out the red and cyan glasses, kids! I found a free Anaglyph program on the web that turns photos into 3D images and I'm testing it with various pictures. Bright color comic book panels don't come out that great but it was a fun experiment anyways.

Freakin' awesome panels from Jungle Comics #6 (June 1940).


  1. Aw mAn, I can't see in 3-D. Cerebral palsy on my right side, no depth perception. Cool images, though.

    Hmn. Word verification: sally. How'd you know I'd be writing this?

  2. You may have seen this already and I'm certainly not one who would attempt to fuel your hatred of the upcoming movie, but this clip looks fantastically unfunny.

  3. Actually, while I PREFER that the movie be hard SF I'm trying to be fair about it. What I mourn is the chance to have a franchise that would garner millions and millions over the next decade.


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