Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday is the Saddest Day

Forget Easter, Sunday is Don't Mess With Texas Day!

Texas, the pop-rock band formed in Glasgow, Scotland way back in 1988, that is!

I've followed Sharleen Spiteri and Texas for several years, ever since I discovered a 60mb video for Say What You Want hidden deep in the data folders of a promotional CD advertising a sports car. While the band and Sharleen as a solo artist get little to no airplay or exposure in this country, American audiences may be familiar with the band's music via various movie soundtracks such as Titan A.E., Ever After, Picture Perfect and the title theme for the sitcom Ellen.

Here is a song from 1996 from one of my favorite albums, White On Blonde. Good videos from the band are rare so this one with photos of Sharleen will have to suffice. I don't think anyone will really mind though. Enjoy!

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