Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nerd Libs

This solicit has been showing up in the recent DC Comics titles this month. Yes, it's stupid.

I'm cynical enough that I'm convinced comic book companies put out these sort of advertisements just so suckers like me post and comment on them. Yeah, Okay. It worked. Other and far more qualified and caring critics will be commenting on why the members of the JLA are so serious about Supergirl's breasts. I imagine there will be plenty of "Caption What The Guys Are Thinking" contests going around for everyone to play with.

For my efforts though it's going to be interesting to see how people are going to insert their own words in the redacted spaces in the "memo" from Dan Didio to Ian Sattler.

Why do I think it's going to be along the lines of Gang-Orgy, Supergirl and YouTube?


  1. Supergirl's, uh, 'development', is one thing that's pretty much wrong with this picture.

    What's worse is, after 35 years, they've put Jackson Bostwick's hair on Capt. Marvel! SAY 'NO' TO BUTT-CUTS!

  2. My higher self is saying the the DCU's most famous little cousin is all is getting new respect from the DCU common;or about to get a vicious beat down.

    And being a male of course, well aware of my lower self I must admit that the "what the guys are gonna do to her"? crossed my twisted mind, funny captions and all.

    You are obviously creative and intelligent. So if I were paraphrasing Stan Lee by saying "It's an all-out-slug-fest-fight-bonanza"! What if we blanked out THESE words: "Its an all-out-___-fest____-bonanza"!

    Of course comics have been doing this for years. Not to date myself (Practically Jurassic) I remember the old sexed up costumes from the Silver and Bronze Age Legion of Superheroes,X-Men, Janet Van-Dyne's costume closet alone; all of these were probably part of what we all know: sex sells...especially to teenage boys.

    But not being a fan of the whole "women in refrigerators" paradigm I wonder about the subconscious message it sends. I say that if they tried Kara Zor-El would kick the shit out of all of them: even Captain Marvel's magic ass. You don't back baby in a corner.

    By the way: I LOVE this blog...keep it up.

  3. Those are boobs? I pride myself on usually being able to spot breasts in a comic no matter how abstract, but that didn't register at all. It really looks more like she's got a superbun in the oven.

    And why would they want to reinforce that particular perception about Hal Jordan's interest in jailbait?


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