Saturday, November 20, 2010

Don't Be Slutty, Girls!

Love Letters #10 - Going Steady (1951)

Love Letters #10 (1951).


  1. Surely, Love Letters was intended for girls, and yet what do we find? A piece encouraging the reader to "learn all about different types of boys or girls for a better choice of a mate". And in 1951!

    Well, it was three years before the Comics Code Authority.

  2. There's plenty of evidence that comics creators of the past went under the radar a lot whether it was in response to the CCA or company guidelines.

  3. I love how they use science to prove you should play the field. It's all about the Natural Selection, kids! This is Certified Awesome.

  4. Yeah, it's great how they go on about it. Plus the unsaid things like how things (pregnancy) can lead to heartbreak if not ready for commitment.

  5. Wow. What an un-Christian message. Play the field? Doesn't God select the perfect mate for life? And what kind of slut dates anyway -- don't good Christian girls let their parents arrange proper marriages anymore? Slut.

  6. They were clearly tiptoeing through a mine field here. One could read (given the audience of the era) that cautioning a girl to be careful unless they are of age and in a good position to marry can do harm. This lets me speculate that the target of this message was Caucasian, upper middle class females and only poor trash fooled around. Not true, of course.


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