Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving in 2010

Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #15 (Dec 1941)

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #15 (December 1941). Art credit Al Taliaferro.

Since a few people asked what the deal was with the cover because the gag had little context, here is the original cartoon that inspired it as reprinted from the daily newspaper comic strip for Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #12 (September 1941).

Wal Disney's Comcis & Stories #12 (Sept 1941)


  1. I always find images like this, of 'funny animals' eating real animals disturbingly cannibalistic.

    It just brings back the whole 'Goofy is a dog - and so is his dog Pluto - WTF?' debates that used to wrack the playground. Do some animals in a funny animal universe get hit by the evolution stick and some don't?

    Obsessing again. Oh look, a cute picture of Donald Duck!

  2. Humans and monkeys have a similar relationship

  3. What's the joke here? I mean, I would get it if it were a coconut or a crab or something else has a hard exterior that needs force to crack, but...a turkey?

  4. This cover was inspired by a 4 or 5 panel gag where the Turkey keeps slipping off the table when Donald tries to carve it. The cover is the final panel in the gag.

    I actually prepped the panels for including in this post to show where it came from but went to bed and just posted the cover alone. I'll probably update it tonight to include the sight gag.


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