Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Insider humor

Stats reveal that this funny-because-it-is-true picture of a boss yelling at a hapless subordinate is the favorite and most emailed image macro for those within the non-dairy coffee additive industry. I created it one day a while ago when bored during a meeting. I did not realize at the time what I had started.

Long story short, ever since it was initially released as part of a Powerpoint slideshow about the importance of value-added road-side convenience store impulse items it has taken the internet by storm. Or at least, that part of the internet traveled by suppliers of retail products. Too bad for me I didn't  strike while the I Can Haz iron was hot. 

I'm told that this image has even surpassed lolcats, Facebook sluts and the 4G in popularity among cubicle workers (with a subset of restaurant waitstaff growing exponentially every day). They tell me it never fails to garner a knowing chuckle and nod. The picture also served to finally kill off the impromptu office skits parodying that old International Coffees commercial. That is a bit of bittersweet news really because at least before I unleashed this picture people interacted with one another. Now they just sit by themselves in a tiny fuzzy-walled cave and forward funny email attachments to their entire global address list. So, sorry about that part.

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