Thursday, February 09, 2006

All this and Yul Brynner

Yul Brynner: 1915-1985

If Yul Brynner was a cult, I'd try my hardest to achieve Operating Brynnish Level 1 Billion, because he is so unbelievingly cool.

If you spell it 'Brenner', you are a dumbtard. Stupid.

I regret there is no block on the US Census form for being "Brynnerish". If there was I'd mark it.

From beyond the grave, Edna Corinne McDonald claims Yul as her favorite actor. Rightly so.

Yul Brynner downloads. You can't resist them.

More downloads featuring Yul singing.

Yul Brynner

This panel is from Iron Man v1 #135 (June 1980) and has one of my favorite of Marvel's old running gags in it.

I actually own the original art for this page.

Lyrics to One Night In Bangkok.

Yul Career Facts

The Brynners of Vladivostock.

The Yul Brynner Foundation. You should watch the Yul Brynner PSA, recorded prior to his passing.

Three words, Two movies:

Magnificent Seven



  1. Um, what's the running gag? I don't see anything about a dog sitting on that panel. ???

  2. The gag is Yul Brenner, Nuclear Terrorist Clone. The dog cartoon is my opinion of Marvel today.

  3. Dude, Check the previous entry for Stan Lee. Instead of a bio you get something else, Humor.


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