Sunday, February 19, 2006

I love Science Fiction

I love Science Fiction. Where else can you learn about barbarian civilizations with advanced technology who don't know the meaning of love? Outside of a high school or church, that is.

Then why's the Queen look so upset? The way I see it, the Spaceman did her a favor.


  1. "why's the Queen look so upset?"

    Depends on which earth-man, I'd guess. Maybe she was holding out for Clooney and got Knotts.

  2. I was thinking that she looked upset because it was the "before" picture.

    And was wondering if the backcover had the "after."

  3. Not long ago, I read a book which was a sociological study of (basically) that type of book/shortstory--"Battle of the Sexes" SF books/shortstories. A lot of them consisted of some Earthman showing up on a world of only women(or with no "Real Men"). The world was often populated with aggressive women. But, then a Real Man would show up, possibly rape her(definitely be very assertive sexually). She would come away "converted" to the state of a Real Woman, happily submissive to a Real Man. The general idea of a lot of these stories seemed to be to promote a very traditional view of women/men.

  4. By the looks of her, she also learned about premature ejaculation.

    And isn't very happy about it.


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